How Dogs React to CBD Oil vs Humans

It’s easy to know how humans react to CBD oil because they can use words to express how they are feeling. They can tell friends, family, or even a doctor how the oil makes them feel, whether it’s calm, relaxed, confident, or sleepy. It’s more difficult, though, to understand how a pet is reacting to CBD oil. Many concerned pet owners are turning to CBD to try to treat their dogs for a variety of conditions like anxiety, seizures, and lack of appetite. Your dog can’t tell you that the effects of CBD oil are working like magic, so it’s up to pet owners to take a careful approach. Understanding how dogs normally react to CBD oil vs. how humans react will help owners know what to look for in their dogs.

CBD Can Help Reactive Dogs

One of the biggest benefits of CBD oil is that it could help calm nervous or excitable dogs. Some owners struggle dealing with dogs that are constantly barking and pulling on their leash while on walks. We all know dogs that bark repeatedly whenever someone comes to the front door. However embarrassed owners might feel, it’s likely something that the dog doesn’t feel great about either. It is likely a source of constant stress and anxiety. Taking CBD oil connects cannabinoids to endocannabinoid receptors in the body (both humans and dogs) to achieve balance and regulate sleep, pain, anxiety, and memory. Many people have found that giving their dog CBD oil helps calm them down so that they can live a more stress-free life.

Humans vs Dogs

Simply put, there’s very little difference in the way dogs react to CBD oil versus the way humans respond. Both humans and dogs experience benefits to appetite, sleep, mood, and some health conditions like epilepsy. The main differences involve the way CBD oil is administered. Humans can take hemp CBD oil extract directly. Dogs sometimes struggle with the flavor, so you may want to mix the oil with food to make it more appealing. Dosage is also a big difference. When giving a dog CBD oil, it’s important to take their size into account. Essentially, it’s like giving CBD oil to a small child, so don’t give your dog a human adult dose. Start small and work your way up until you get a positive response in their behavior or symptoms.

Caspers Oil has a wide variety of CBD oils specially made for dogs. If you’ve been wondering if CBD oil could help your pet, don’t hesitate any longer. CBD oil is an all-natural substance that is non-harmful to humans and animals. Contact us for any questions about how to give your dog CBD oil.

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