What Age Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil?

CBD oil can help dogs of all ages manage anxiety around other dogs, traveling, or other stressful environments. CBD oil helps reduce stress in both healthy dogs and dogs that traditionally struggle with anxiety. As a result of taking CBD, dogs have reduced allergies, fewer struggles with immune disorders, and fewer mood swings. More and more, pet owners who want their dogs to have the best quality of life are turning to CBD products. The absence of psychoactive compounds means that CBD oil is safe for your dog to consume no matter how old they are. Here are a few things to know about dog age and administering CBD oil.

Benefits to Older Dogs Can Be More Evident

CBD oil has been credited with alleviating pain, reducing symptoms of arthritis and cancer, increasing appetite, and preventing seizures. Most of these conditions are associated with health complications in older dogs, so CBD oil gets mentioned more often in reference to treating them. Many dogs take CBD for degenerative diseases associated with old age as well. This doesn’t mean that only older dogs benefit from CBD, but rather that as health deteriorates further, CBD can help even more.

An Earlier Start Means Greater Long-term Benefits

CBD oil promotes cardiovascular health, increases appetite and staves off degenerative diseases which can mean a longer, more healthy life for your dog. The earlier a dog starts taking CBD, the longer the oil has to aid their immune system. The inflammation-reducing effects of CBD oil can also benefit young dogs in a variety of ways, including by helping settle their bowels.

Take It Slow

Finding the right dose for your dog, no matter their age, can take time. Take it slow to find out what the right amount of CBD oil is for your dog. Every dog reacts differently, so the best approach is to administer the recommended dose and then monitor the effects closely and slowly add more as warranted. Remember, CBD oil has no adverse side effects. So it is alright to experiment with dosages, as long as you make sure to follow the products instructions as well as any advice from your vet. Once you’ve hit the right dose for your pet, start administering it on a regular basis for consistent results.

Although dogs of different ages suffer from different ailments, a CBD oil routine can be beneficial to pets of all ages. A quality CBD oil administered correctly can have a major positive impact on your beloved pet’s quality of life. Visit Casper’s Oil today to find the best CBD oil for your dog no matter their age!

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