Thunderstorms and fireworks can stress your pets. Here are six steps to help you manage them during these events:

Cat hiding under blanket
  1. Keep your pets inside the house. Animal shelters typically see a 30% increase in the number of pets brought in the days around July 4th. If you need to take them outside, stay in the yard with them. Use a double leash, one attached to their collar/harness, the other a slip lead that your dog or cat can’t pull out.
  2. Give them a safe space. A closet or crate with familiar items, blankets toys. Try to choose a room without windows, if not, close all blinds and curtains. Your pet may have a spot already picked out; make sure it’s clear of any dangers like plugs, wires, heaters, etc.
  3. Make sure your pet has tags on its collar with current contact information. If your pet does get loose, this will help with a safe return home.
  4. Be sure to give medication early. Typically oral medications need 40 min to an hour to take effect. When given too late, they may be little to no help.
  5. Leave the TV on or play music. A quiet environment is generally preferred in your pet’s safe place; however, some pets may benefit from soft, calming music, or the TV left on a favorite program can help mask the sounds of thunder and fireworks.
  6. Give them something to do. A favorite toy or treat can give your pets something to focus on other than what’s scaring them.

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