Casper’s Original Oil 1000 Pets


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  • Shake the bottle and open
  • Squeeze the dropper for desired amount
  • Squirt into your pets mouth
  • If your pet does not allow you to squirt the oil into the mouth there is other ways you can try.
  • Crunchy cookies are awesome, you can put desired amount on the cookie and let them crunch it all up
  • Put on their food, our least fav way, if you have to do this way put an extra drop or two on to their food.
  • Less than0 .3% of THC CONTENT
  • 1000 mg of Hemp extract per 1 oz.
  • Organic & GMO free
  • Third Party Tested
  • Zero THC

Original Oil made from just two ingredients, U.S. grown hemp extract & cold-pressed raw whole hemp seed oil. It is rich with essential fatty acids and is NON-GMO and organic. All our products are free of additives, artificial ingredients and are always third party tested. We use only the finest ingredients in crafting Casper’s Oil.

Weight2.75 oz

2 reviews for Casper’s Original Oil 1000 Pets

  1. Lee Anne Kiernan (verified owner)

    We started using Caspers Oil when our Misty who was always a little high strung started isolating after our other 2 male dogs passed away and we got a puppy. It really seemed to help and when the pup got a cut Sanchia told me to rub some oil on to help heal. That also worked so when they came out with the paw balm I got some. One day I had some foot pain and I thought why not try this to see if it can really help with pain. I admit I was skeptical but now I’m using the dogs paw balm when my foot achesas well as when I hurt my back. It really does help try it out

  2. JoAnn Nichols (verified owner)

    I started using Casper’s Oil several years ago. As my pack got older and grew in size I realized I needed a supplement that I could trust would be truly beneficial. I had been an independent Rescuer for many years and in 2017 co-founded Harley’s Angels Sanctuary, a safe place for those dogs deemed unadoptable for a myriad of reasons. I have aggressive, fearful, elderly, and medically challenged dogs and one 20 year old cat (who thinks she is a dog.) I am thrilled at how Casper’s Oil has improved temperaments and overall health for all of the animals in my care. I recently switched from the 400mg to the 1000mg oil. All 23 of my current pack, dogs and cat alike, are calmer, happier, and healthier than when we started three years ago. I absolutely attribute Capser’s Oil to easing the hair trigger on one. I love what Casper’s Oil has done for all of them!

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