Casper's Oil Paw Balm

The outside world can be challenging for your pets. Our all-natural, pet-safe paw balm is made from only the finest ingredients and is always Third-party tested. It can help to condition and protect paws, dry patches on elbow joints, and dry noses.
Now in a convenient 2.2 oz. Twist-up container.

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Our paw balm comes in a twist up container, this makes it easy for you to apply. You can also cut a dime size piece off, warm between your hands and then smooth on the area you would like to apply too.

Apply liberally.

6 reviews for Casper’s Oil Paw Balm

  1. Susan Barbour (verified owner)

    I have been using the paw balm for the past three weeks on my dogs paws. They were very rough and cracked when I started using this and now are soft and supple , The cracks have also healed. My girl loves our nightly massages.

  2. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Living in Alberta, we tend to get dry skin. For my dog, it’s his nose and paws. I have been applying it to his nose for a little over a month and I have seen results. His nose now looks less dry, back to its normal color and looks moisturized. Thank you for the balm!!

  3. Penny (verified owner)

    I just adore Casper’s Paw Balm. I’m an active, outdoorsy corgi and I’m always wandering around outside. This paw balm makes my paws nice and soft so I can continue on my adventures. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to soothe tired paws and get back outside adventuring! It smells really nice and isn’t greasy when you put it on which is a bonus!

  4. Bark And Roll Rescue Companions (verified owner)

    Great product, our pups love having it massaged into their paws. Lots of pups come into rescue with skin that is inflamed and irritated. This non-greasy balm is soothing and has their paws soft and pain free in no time. It also has a pleasant smell.

  5. Stephanie Broughton (verified owner)

    This works great on my dogs pads of their paws which will get dry. All on any skin irritations.

  6. Rindy Fox (verified owner)

    I have been using Casper’s Oil products for a while now. I just recently discovered the balm. One of my current foster pups had to have some extensive surgery on one of his front legs. After the stitches were removed, we had some issues with the surgical site healing properly. I started applying the balm three times a day, putting a cone on for about an hour while the balm was absorbed. The results were remarkable. Then I thought about my heels and how dry and cracked they are this time of year. Yep, there was a noticeable improvement after only three days. I just slathered it on, put on a pair of comfy socks and let it work its magic overnight. Then while putting some Christmas decorations up outside, I stepped into a bed of fire ants. My mind went right away to the balm. It was amazing! It quelled the itching and I did not get those annoying little pus filled bumps. This product will definitely be on hand for all things skin for both my dogs and me.

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