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1. Shake the bottle and open it.

2. Squeeze the dropper for the desired amount.

3. Place it in your pet’s mouth toward their gums. If they’re hesitant, put it on a plate or in your hand, and let them lick it up.

4. If your pet is still hesitant, try putting it on their favorite treat; though this may be less effective than the previous methods, you can add a drop or two.

5. Add the desired amount to their food—this is the least efficient way to give CBD, but if you have no other options, an extra drop or two can be added.

  • Cold-pressed hemp-seed oil
  • 400mg Hemp extract per 1oz.
  • Third Party Tested

Casper’s Original Oil in 400 mg concentration.

Derived from US grown Hemp & cold-pressed raw whole hemp seeds

It is rich with essential fatty acids and is always Third Party Tested.

We use only the finest ingredients in crafting Casper’s Oil.
Weight2.75 oz

19 reviews for Casper’s Oil Original 400 Pets

  1. Sondra Pierson (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! My 10 year old Golden Retriever has arthritis and had a very hard time getting up and walking. After starting him on Capers Oil he is moving around so much better and even playing with our other dog more. He even ran around the yard some the other day!

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! My Maisey is getting around much better and my Sophie is now calm during storms!! THANK YOU!!!!

  3. Paw Support Rescue (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 bottles for dogs we have who were diagnosed with distemper from a local shelter. I can tell that using the Caspers oil has made them more comfortable and decreased the severity of the seizures/tremors. 2 of our distemper dogs are in the neuro phase but thankfully they never progressed further in the disease. We are on week 5 of treatment and still continue to use Caspers oil daily. This oil is a very smooth consistency. Others we have purchased elsewhere are a bit lumpy with black tar like blobs in it.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Post office delivered it three blocks away but I found it. HAH! Bought it for one little dog that has some back issue so I could take him off the inflammation pills which were bad for his liver. Doing good but waiting for long term results.

  5. Farrell Balentine (verified owner)

    My boy is moving much better.

  6. Dawn R. (verified owner)

    I purchased Caspers Oil because my two 13 year-old Labs are slowing down. One has arthritis and the other has severe atrophy of her hind legs. I started with 6 drops on a piece of salami once per day for each dog and increased to twice per day. My dogs know the routine and guide me to the kitchen each morning and afternoon for their dose. They both have a new pep in their step and are moving around with much less effort. We walk a mile each afternoon without difficulty (remember, they are 13 years-old). I’m happy to see my girls enjoying their walks again. Thanks Caspers Oil!

  7. Robin (verified owner)

    great product and highly recommend for any sick or elderly dogs.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    My Almost 13 year old Chocolate Lab has been declining the last couple of years. This oil has given him some more spunk and a little more mobility! I recommend it! Of course he loves the taste!!

  9. Ed (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this with good results for my German Shepherd Dog, Hoss who was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. Although it’s not a cure, it seems to keep his symptoms in check, and he seems to be more mobile than before he started taking this.

  10. Mike Garretson (verified owner)

    Bought this product for our 11 year old Golden Retriever who was suffering with arthritis. He’d been unable to walk very far without pain, and wasn’t playing with the other dogs anymore. Well after only a few days we saw improvement, and now after 3 weeks he’s taking long walks without pain during or after, and playing again. It has easily taken him back to what he could do 4 or 5 years ago. I’d recommend it for anyone who has a dog suffering with arthritis.

  11. Leslie Lovitto (verified owner)

    My 10 year old Maltese has suffered from seizures on and off for years and we have never been able to fully help her. Our vet recommended we take her to a neurologist but before spending thousands of dollars, we decided to give Casper’s CBD oil a try after seeing numerous positive responses on our current news outlets segment. Lola was to the point of having 6 seizures in 10 days and since starting Casper’s 1 month ago she has ONLY HAD 3!!! I will rebuy this over and over until our sweet girl is no longer with us. If you aren’t sure what route to take, give this a try and see the difference for yourself. I wish I would have bought this sooner. You won’t be disappointed. And the customer service is the best I have honestly ever received. After I placed my order, I received a call from an amazing woman, I unfortunately do not remember her name, but she called to ask what I was using CBD for and gave me so many tips and advice as to how to ease Lola into the drops and how to use it and if I had any questions to call her anytime and she would do whatever she could to help me help my baby. I have even started using the oil for myself when I have anxiety and have seen improvements. Just love this stuff!

  12. Tracy Taylor (verified owner)

    My dog Watson has a lot of issues with sound, especially in the evening. Caspers Oil has helped him to be calm and quiet in the evenings. I give him the amount written on the bottle for his size and he is calm within 20 min. I love that the dosage is written on the bottle for me, I always forget what to give him. He loves it, I do not have to put it on a cookie or anything, I just put it on a little plate and he licks it up. I would recommend this product to anyone with a dog with anxiety!

  13. Truffle (verified owner)

    My shiba inu loves this CBD oil. With just 2 drops for her 20 lb body, she is less anxious. Adding the drops to her food makes it easier to feed her the oil

  14. Kim (verified owner)

    Great product for my dogs. My boxer was having Idiopathic head tremors and just generally high strung and since taking this product he has not had any head tremors and seems to be calmer during storms.

  15. Solitaire Lind (verified owner)

    I use the full spectrum oil on my 2 oldest chihuahuas (4 drops in the morning), 10 and 11 years old. Without it, they shake and can’t walk. It has been a godsend for these 2 to make them jumpy happy chi’s again!

  16. Kiki Feingold (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say “thank you”. Sadly we recently lost our dog, he had cancer all over (11 year old lab). We gave him this product the last couple years of his life. Without it, he would’ve died about a year & a half ago, so we got to enjoy him for a longer time. He also had anxiety & dog dementia. The dementia made him get up at 2 or 3 am and start wandering the house & running into walls. Right when I put him on this CBD oil, there was no more dementia episodes & his anxiety had disappeared to when he was more relaxed & could sleep better. Thank you for this amazing product to make the last years of my dog’s life so much better!!

  17. Jenn

    Use this on my Maltese. She had. CL surgery 2 years ago & has some arthritis. You can tell when she is taking it vs not. Side effect; She can now see dogs on tv. She went 10 years without that.

  18. Judy Rothe (verified owner)

    This is my second time purchasing this product. The quality it great. So easy to order. All questions were answered promptly and with knowledge. My dogs are responding well to their treatment. Great company and product.

  19. Rita Ritchey (verified owner)

    I use this for my dogs to keep down anxiety. It helps them tolerate the storms.

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