Gifts for dogs

Dog with Santa hat and Christmas presents

Dogs cannot just hand over a list of things they want. So this can add pressure onto us as pet parents [jokes]. As dog parents, we love to spoil our four-legged friends. However, sometimes belly rubs and a game of fetch are not enough, and we need to find them something more special than that.

Here are many gift ideas for different types of dogs, whether it is a cuddly toy, a gift for their wellness, or clothing.

Best dog gifts

Pet zone IQ dispensing ball

This food-dispensing ball engages dogs mentally and physically. It is ideal for dogs with high energy or that get bored quickly. They learn how to roll the ball to get the treats out, and you can change the difficulty level once your dog gets the hang of it. It comes in two sizes.

Amazon: $9.89

Outward hound Invincibles dog toy

Many dogs are relentless chewers and will not give up until they shred a toy into tiny pieces. If you want your dog to get the joy of ripping stuff apart but don’t want it being your socks anymore, then this is for you. It has an inner dura-tuff lining and reinforced double-stitched seams. It has multiple squeakers to keep the dog’s interest. It is also stuffing-free, so they will not make a mess.

Amazon: $10.60

Diggs groove training toy

Combat severe separation anxiety or crate boredom with this toy. Pet owners can fill them with peanut butter, freeze them into dog popsicles, and then affix them to the pet’s crate.

It encourages them to lick the lolly over a long period, reducing crate anxiety.

Amazon: $34.00

Dr. catch dog puzzle toy

This toy not only keeps dogs from gulping down their food too quickly but also provides mental stimulation and helps fight boredom. It has eight moving parts to challenge even the most intelligent dogs.

Amazon: $9.88

Kong cute seas octopus dog toy

Pet owners love that this is cute and lasts longer than most dog toys.

Amazon: $9.99

Pet safe automatic ball launcher

Throw, fetch and repeat.

It can be a pain having to throw the ball over and over again, but the joy you see on your dog’s face also makes you happy. That is where this gadget comes in very handy. It launches tennis balls from 8 and 30 feet at up to 45 degrees angle.

Chewy: $169.95

Smart puppy heartbeat stuffed toy

This toy reduces pet anxiety; it has a real-feel heartbeat that pulses to mimic the sensation of a beating heart. People that have used this say it works wonders to calm new puppies or dogs with separation anxiety.

Amazon: $39.50

KONG babbler motion-activated toy

This toy makes motion-activated sounds to keep your dog interested.

Petco: $14.99

Outward hound hide a squirrel

This dog gives endless hours of fun, keep stuffing them back in, and your dog will never get bored.

Amazon: $13.99

Barkbox toy subscription

This popular monthly subscription provides your dog with customized toys and treats each month. So, your dog will never get bored as they will always have new toys and treats. If you give this to your friend for their dog, your friend’s dog will be thrilled, your friend will be happy, and you will be a hero.

Barkbox: $35.00

Rocco and Roxie’s ultimate dog box

This is the perfect gift for pet parents; this box includes perfect toys, treats, and other essentials.

Amazon: $65.97

Best beds for dogs

Yeti trailhead dog bed

The brand yeti is known for rugged adventure gear, and reviewers say it does not fall short when it comes to this bed. It has a waterproof bottom, washable cover, and comfortable bolster for dogs to rest their chin on for sleep. The center part is removable for use as a travel pad.

Price: Yeti and amazon $225.00

PetRug animal print memory foam dog bed

For people who love their decor as much as they love their dogs, this is perfect for you, as it looks good and is comfortable for your pups. Available in six different prints and it eases joint pain. It also has a washable cover and a non-slip bottom. $159.00

Amazon: $209.00

Thermo snuggly sleeper pet bed

Everyone with a dog knows how hard it is to keep it out of your human bed. But this bed might be what it takes to do so. It has a 6-watt thermostatically controlled heater that will keep your dog warm all year round and is removable for the warmer seasons. It is ideal for older dogs struggling to stay warm during winter.

Amazon and chewy: $70.99

Canine styles dog bed

Pets love to curl up in this donut-shaped bed with overstuffed bolsters. Pet owners love all the fabric options it comes in.

Canine styles: $150.00

Casper dog bed

This bed is designed to meet the needs of dogs. It has both pressure-relieving memory foam and firm support, along with a removable microfiber cover for washing. In addition, the bed comes in three colors: black, grey, and sand.

Amazon: $126.74

Chewy: $158.69

Casper: $169.00

Best dog clothing and accessories

Hannah Anderson pet john pyjamas

Grab these dog pajamas if you want your dog to be a part of this year’s matching family Christmas picture. Your pooch won’t miss out this time!

Hannah Anderson: $ 20.40

Wild one aspen ski sweater for pups and people

If your friend likes to wear fair isle sweaters in winter, think how they would love their dog to match them. Two percent of all sales of these cozy cotton-acrylic blend jumpers are donated to lifesaving animal recuses.

Float coat dog life jacket

This is an excellent gift for dogs that love to swim. These life jackets are ideal for dogs that take boat trips, are dock jumpers, or are elderly dogs that need a little extra support. They’re reflective and have a handle at the top so you can easily lift your dogs out of the water.

Ruffwear: $89.95

Rei: $89.95

Kurgo Tru-fit dog car harness

This crash-tested harness will keep your dogs safe in the car. It has five adjustment points for the perfect lift, and it comes with a seat belt tether.

Amazon, chewy, and Petco: $31.95


Thunderstorms, fireworks, and unexpected visitors can shake your dog up. This vet-approved vest naturally calms a dog down by applying gentle but constant pressure, similar to how babies are soothed while being swaddled.

Amazon: $44.95

Petco: $44.99

Illumined LED dog leash

This product comes in handy for dog owners and dogs who want to be seen by cars at night. The battery is USB-chargeable, and it lasts for five hours of illumination per one hour of charging.

Amazon: $24.99

Kurgo quantum 6-in-1 leash

This leash is multifunctional and converts into six styles: hands-free around your waist, over-the-shoulder courier style, and even a double leash. Constructed from strong nylon, it has a padded handle, and it is reflective.

Amazon, Chewy, and Petco: $29.95

Roverlund out-of-office pet carrier

This carrier is both stylish and practical. It comes in six vibrant colors, is also airline-compliant, works as a car seat, and comes with a bonus leash made from mountaineering-grade materials.

Amazon: $159.00

Personalized animal notecard set

Sentimental and pragmatic, these adorable little notecards have been personalized with the giftee’s name and one of many dog breeds. These are the perfect little gift if you want to get them something manageable but want something that will still mean a lot to them.

Etsy: $21.95

Best health and wellness gifts for dogs

Casper’s Oil CBD 

Ok, we had to put our very own product on the list. After all we believe it’s the best in the market for your dog’s health.

Chom Chom roller dog hair remover

Is the easier way to remove pet hair from your clothes, furniture, and car seats. It’s reusable, so you no longer need to buy hundreds of lint roller sheets for a hair-free haven.

Amazon: $28.95

Travel pet first aid kit

Most pet owners do not have one of these, which is why it makes it one of the best gifts. In addition, the carabiner clip makes it perfect for long dog walks and hikes, as you can clip it onto yourself.

Amazon and Walmart: $12.99

Whistle go explore pet tracker

This lightweight smart device, which affixes to the dog’s collar and monitors health, sets fitness goals, and acts like a GPS so you can track the dog’s location and receive alerts when they leave a designated safe place. The charge will last you a couple of weeks while connected to WIFI.

Amazon: $99.95

Chewy: $98.89

Whistle: $159.00

Malispree water bottle

This bottle is leakproof, you can hold it with one hand to dispense the water, and the wide trough is easy for dogs to drink. This is a good gift to give someone who goes on long walks and hikes with their dogs.

Amazon: $22.99

Wild one bowl kit

These bowls come in three colors, which are spruce, tan, and black. These are also top-rack dishwasher safe. They can also be personalized for an extra $20.00.

Wild one: $ 48.00

Embark breed and health kit

If your friend has a mystery breed dog, how fun would it be to try to uncover the DNA? This kit looks at more than 350 breeds and 210 genetic health risks. Chihuahua on the inside, pitbull on the outside? You will know once you check.

Amazon, Chewy, and Petco: $159.00

Custom 3D printed bowl

This gift is unique, thoughtful, and personalized. These top-rated 3D-printed bowls are made of stainless steel in the center, easily removed, and dishwasher safe. It is available in sixteen different colors.

Etsy: $18.66

Grounds and hounds monthly subscription

Is your friend a dog lover and a coffee lover? Well, this gift is perfect for dog lovers and coffee lovers. This boutique brand offers coffee subscriptions starting at approximately $16.99 per bag. The good thing is when you give this gift, you will do good for shelter pets. This company provides twenty percent of profits to animal rescues.

Ground and hound coffee co. : $ 16.99

Best cleaning products for dog lovers

Soggy doggy super shammy dog towel

Perfect for after a bath or if they have just come out of the pool, this super absorbent microfiber shammy holds up to seven times its weight in water. It even has easy-on hand pockets to help dry soaked pups.

Amazon: $22.49

Bissell little green carpet and upholstery

Very effective in getting gross pet stains and smells out of rugs and upholstery. It is a magical machine for dog lovers. It is affordable, easy to use, and, most importantly, when dog owners are annoyed about their dog accidents, making the event less overwhelming.

Amazon: $134.57

iRobot Roomba robot vacuum

Dogs are very messy. But this robot vacuum helps you keep on top of your dog’s mess, like their dog hairs, dander, and dirt clean-up.

Amazon and best buy: $249.99

Bed bath & beyond: $274.99

Best dog decor gift ideas

Dogface pillow

If your dog is not allowed on the couch, then this is the next best thing. These pillows are created with the faces of golden retrievers, pugs, and more dogs. These 100 percent wool throw pillows are almost as cute as our favorite furry pets and a lot less messy.

Uncommongoods: $25.00

Custom dog pillow

Give your friend the best gift, and buy them a life-like pet pillow. A perfect gift for sending with kids as they head off to university or college or to give to loved ones who have lost their pets.

All about vibe: $40.00

Dog breed candle

A semi-personalized and thoughtful gift. These candles are 100 percent soy wax and are vegan, cruelty-free, and additive-free.

Scripted fragrance: $24.00

Custom pet phone case

This case will have owners smiling even when they have been put on hold for ages. Think of it as a cooler variation of a pet photo mug.

Poochprints: $32.99

Plush cuddle clone

You can create a replica of your pet with a customized faux fur clone to capture each animal’s uniqueness and exact features. Each order feeds 20 shelter pets.

Burlap dog bone sticking

This customized roomy stocking has enough space to fit your dog’s toys and treats. Of course, your dog is also a part of the family, so make sure they feel like that.

Ballard designs: $31.20

Custom pet canvas

Crown and paw are well known for their kitschy portraits of pets on renaissance-era human bodies. But they also custom dog heads for football players, ballerinas, golfers, chefs, and more.

Crown and paw: $59.95

West willow custom pet portraits

These portraits are sleek and minimalist, so they will blend into anyone’s home decor. Pet owners will hang this on their walls for years.

West and willow: $65.00

Best books for dog lovers

“The dogist: photographic encounters with 1000 dogs” by Elias Weiss Friedman

Every pet owner knows that meeting other dogs and dog owners on the street is part of what makes dog ownership so unique. This book about pets and their inspiring stories first came out in 2015, but the uber-popular Instagram photo-documentary account by street photographer Elias Weiss Friedman is still in full force.

“No ordinary dog: my partner from the SEAL teams to the bin Laden raid” by Will Chesney with Joe Layden

All dog lovers love an inspirational dog story, and this is no expectation. This book tells the story of a navy seal team operator, military dog handler Will Chesney, and his Belgian Malinios, Cairo.

Dog’s best friend: the story of an unbreakable bond by Simon Garfield

This heart-warming story investigates our relationship with a man’s best friend, calling upon history, art, science, and personal experiences.

These gift ideas will help your friends or family members show their love for their dogs this holiday season. 

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